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because it is. >> but we want to bring the jacket because i was very cold. >> dealing with patchy fog in fredick county. but other than that we will turn out to be a stellar day and it's going to be nice and seasonable. forecasting a high around 75. you wouldn't think it after a start of # 4 in glenwood and 43 in -- 44 in glenwood and 43 in town. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. enjoy it. because the wet weather will be moving in here as we go into tomorrow. but it's much needed so accept it. don't complain too much. hour by hour forecast waking up to chilly temperatures by 10, temperatures at 66 degrees. still plenty of sunshine. clouds will increase as we head through lunchtime with the high coming in right around 72 degrees. and enjoy your day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 70 degrees sounds better than
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52. very chilly start right now this morning. and as lynette mentioned, we are dealing with fog in frederick county. traveling in that area, be extra careful. reduce speeds. but in 95 at route 152 is nice and clear. no fog to contend with there. and if you traveling on the harrisburg expressway, here's what it looks like in hunt valley at shawan road. no problems getting down to 695 and once you get on to the jfx, it will be delay free. just lev 11 minutes typical ride southbound from 695 down to fayette street. the beltway is going to be in great shape so far so good from parkville up towards towson and the west side free of delays if you are traveling on outer loop from 795 down towards 95. you are looking at 11 minutes. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. news time 5:31. a controversial issue that is going to be on the november ballot. voters will decide on the same sex marriage referendum in our state.
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and linda so is live in federal hill and there seems to be a last-minute push for opponents. >> reporter: there's a group out there targeting african american communities urging people who oppose same sex marriage to get out to the polls on november 6th and vote. they are sending out mailers with the phrase my mommy is my daddy and my daddy is is my namhee so who is is my aunt. the group called jump the broom for marriages is is making calls trying to convince opponents of same sex marriage to make donation and get out the vote. alegita williams is the leader and says they are aiming at the being aan person community and even though president obama and the naacp have support same sex marriage members of the group say they are not backing down. >> we support the president. we definitely support him. we just do not agree with his views on same sex marriage. >> reporter: the group is targeting african american communities andn baltimore city
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and baltimore county and prince george's county. we are live in federal hill, linda so, abc2 news. the court could announce whether it will take up same sex marriages in two cases one involving a new york woman who sued saying federal law unfairly treats same sex couples for who are lawfully married in their state. she says she paid taxes on her wife's estate because at the time new york state didn't recognize their out of state marriage. a california case centers on the state voter approved same sex marriage. -- voter approved same sex marriage. we have information an peanut butter recall that expanded raising more concerns for families. and sherrie johnson has details on what other products this also applies to. sherrie. >> reporter: well, we have learned the large-scale recall for trader joe's brand valencia peanut butter applies to nut butter sold under 14 brand names at stores around the country. this includes almond butter and peanut but the ebb with flax
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cede -- butter with flax seed sold in target stores. the product sold nationwide is linked to 29 cases of salmonellain 18 states. more than 3/4 of those who became ill were children under the age of 18. no deaths have been reported so far. there have been reported illnesses of three cases in massachusetts, one in rhode island and one was in north carolina. people became sick between jewel lenth and september 2 -- june 11th and september 2nd. it's most dangerous to children and the elderly and others with weak immune systems find a list of the recalled eye tells at on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc to news. -- abc2 news. bouncing on a trap poe lien may be a favorite for kids but it could be dangerous. a report is urging parents to keep kids off the trampolines. even those with netting or
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padding. this is according to the new report there. were 98,000 trampoline related injuries in the united states in 2009 alone and authors of the report argue trampolines should be used for sports such as gymnastics. and only under adult supervision. boats carrying nearly 150 pound of marijuana has capsized near jacksonville florida. look at the aerial pictures showing beachgoers helping fish and wildlife officials carry several large packages of pot to the shore. now the boat apparently belonged to drug smugglers and had no markings or registration. officials determined no one was on board the boat. local, state and federal officials working to find out who is responsible for the vessel and, of course, the contents on it. you are told to watch what you eat and in the case of one man it may have saved his life. he grabbed grapes and apple out of the refrigerator and arranged them on a plate but before taking a bite he noticed
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a black widow spider on his apple e put it in jar -- he put it in jar and contacted the store where he bought it they gabe him his mother back and they the say the black widows are rare but they are the most deadly spiders in the state of oregon. high schools in new york right now getting students a controversial health service to cut back on teen pregnancies and they are making the morning after pill available. so the health department right now made the decision to provide plan b last year. the pilot program is now expanded to 13 schools. parents were notified about the program beforehand and they were given the chance to on the out. some students say the program is a bad idea. others argue it's going to prevent unwanted pregnancies. you must be 17 to buy plan b at pharmacy without a prescription. so we want to know what you think. head to the facebook fan page and tell us what you thinkp should schools be handing out
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to have you are not planning to take in the fall colors. the story might change your mind. this is minnesota. ancheck out the leaves and it looks beautiful. this is in the superior national forest. a gorgeous shot there and lynette it's not going to be long before we will see the same beautiful sights. >> exactly. we are talking about mid to late october. that's when we will see some beautiful changing of our
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leaves. we look to the satellite and radar and we have some showers back across the four corners region and showers and storms now moving across missouri and also illinois. and we do have an upper-level low spinning across canada right now. looks like it could drop showers in the state of new york. but for us, we are nice and dry. nice and clear right now. that will be the story as we head to the rest of today. it's going to be kelly because of the clear skies at the bees stop. 50 is what i am going with and 75 by this afternoon. it's going to be perfect with the few more clouds moving in. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. great baseball weather. nice and chris being. so best of luck to the orioles. if you are using 695, no problems to report on the west side. it's nice and clear from 795 all the way down to a 95. and if you are using the jfx to get into the city no delays heading downtown. those of you using 95, as we check in and look live here at the fort mchenry tunnel, toll plaza not much activity.
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overall great drive and harbor tunnel going to be free of delays. megan over to you. open enrollment will be here before you know it. we will show you the latest health care ratings to help you choose the best provider for you and your family. >> reporter: still the big et story in baltimore, -- biggest story in baltimore, the orioles in the home streach week fromnow. we could be talking about playoffs. a live report and fan reaction -- stretch a week from now. p
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thanks for joining us. keep the orange out a little bit longer. the orioles not done yet with the 2012 major league baseball season. baltimore now in the homestretch of an improper play off run. something fans have not seen in 15 years. so charley is live this morning down at camden yards and needless to say, fans are pumped about this. >> they are indeed. we have got 5 home games left here at camden yards. five more chance for you to come and see the oriole team that is on an improper run for the -- improbably run. ticket -- probable run. -- improbable run. we have two games with toronto and 3 game sets with the red sox and finish up in tampa. by that time we may know the
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orioles fate as they get ready for the playoff run and you think about it. in 1997 this team won the american league eastern division and lost in a 6-game playoff series to the indians. we have a new meaning and team and with jones and hardy and we have a -- manager and team with goas and hardy and we ve -- jones and they are playing like they have nothing to lose and they don't. they split the day night double header with toronto. they won 4-1 and second game they lost 9-5. but fans we spoke with could not be happier about what this team is doing. >> this is crazy because i am so happy for him. everybody is running into me like you must be so proud. of course i am proud. we are proud of all the kids accomplishments no mater what they do if they accomplish something but i am happy for them. >> reporter: game time tonight is set for 7:05 at camden yards and a lot of activity around the ball park overnight.
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not everyone has left for the day. we have crews walking around picking up trash and making sure it's going to be game ready for the team and for the fans tonight. also, you can hear heavy machinery on the other side of the wall here. the work is going on inside on the field or on the concourse. we will be here throughout the course of the morning on good morning maryland but for now let's go back to the studios with you. >> all right. thanks. the big moments keep coming for michael phelps. most decorated olympian got to meet michael jordan. this was appearing on the monday. he didn't know jordan would be stopping by and he was speechless when the basketball star walked on stage. phelps and jordan were guests on the special rider -- ryder cup eye edition which will air on the gulf channel. a new report equates the rising probable level chidehood obesity with a threat to national security. the report is called too fat to
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fight compiled by several hundred retired military leaders raises questions about childhood obesity in the country. and calls for junk food to be booted out of schools. the report shows 40% of kids are getting 130 extra cal race day from junk -- calories a day from junk food from vending machines. 25% of people 17 to 24 can't join the military because of their weight. for those of you with a choice about your health care provider, here's a list that may help you make a best decision possible for you and your family. consumer reports just released rankings of 984 plans. base on the criteria such as quality of care and customer satisfaction. the number one private plan for nonprofit is harvard pilgrim health care md and that comes to major private insurers. kaiser ranked best and it did the best in medicare category. the rankings come from the nonprofit organization called the national committee for
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quality assurance. five things to know as you head out the door. a special emergency stay of he can cougs hearing is taking place in pennsylvania today. terrance williams is scheduled to be excue on october 3rd for the 1984 murder of a man. his defense says the convict was tanned by lies and -- conviction was tanned by lies and condition -- taint ed by lies and misconduct. -- tainted by lies and misconduct. the city says companies owe millions in unpaid taxes. the company plan to appeal that decision. president obama speaks before the u.n. general assembly this morning as the campaign for the presidency rages on. the president arrived in new york on monday and taped a interview with the ladies of theview airing later today. baltimore county wants to be prepared if another nasty storm hits us. county executive kevin came
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knits is meet -- kamenetz is updating the plans and looking ahead to the upcoming winter storm. yom kippur begins tonight at sundown and goes through sundown tomorrow. millions of jews from around the world will be congregating in synagogues to pray for a good year. they are going to fast for a period of 25 hours. time for a check on the weather. we will send it over to lynette charles. >> all right. let's go from here because we are chilly this morning. 49 degrees in manchester. that's below where we should be now for this time of the year. so more of the same. just like we left off yesterday. very illy, 49 in mount airy. 52 in sparrows point. 49 in hickory and good morn steensville at 58 tee -- morning stephensville at 58. do what you need to do to keep warm because it's a chilly start. now the afternoon is going to be something different. nice and seasonable out there. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. dealing with clear skies and it will turn into plenty of sunshine but we will see the
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cloud on the increase as we go throughout the day. and i will call it a sun cloud mix. high pressure still in control of our weather for today but we will have the cold front get closer by tomorrow. and make its way through by the evening. and we will have the chance for showers in the forecast. so, today you don't need the rain gear but tomorrow is going to be a different story. the future trend picking up onjust that as whoa go through today, nice and you see the clouds on the increase. and by this late this evening and overnight into tomorrow, that's when the first chance for showers roll in. and then our next chance roll in as we go into the evening commute. so we have the chance for wet weather across that area and that cold front slide to the south and it is possible that it could sag and just linger so we could be bringing showers as we go into the weekend but thursday it looks like we have a break so ravens game looks like it's going to be dry. 75 sun and clouds nice and pleasant for today. by tonight, we are going to turn cloudy and it won't be as cool because of the clouds. and then tomorrow we have the
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chance for showers and it will be warmer with the temperature coming in at 80 de 7 -- the 7-d forecast. a chance for showers across the board except for thursday and ravens and orioles will win each and every game. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. you like my prediction right. >> reporter: i like the prediction. birds on the forecast. >> i know. >> reporter: we are dealing with patchy fog right now in frederick. so traveling along interstate 70 here, you will want to slow downturn on the low beams and be extra careful. we have trouble on 95 up in harford county. a car fire is going on right now along the southbound lanes at level road. but here's at 95 downtown. no problems whatsoever. it will be a nice easy ride from white marsh into the city. 695 that's going to be in great shape. no delays right now on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and that stretch takes you 11 minutes and the west side that's going to be nice and clear as well. 11 minutes to travel the outer
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loop from 795 down toward 95. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan over to you. the owner of a gun store hascome up with a unique promotion. using a girl's best friend to lure in customers and is confident it will work. we will tell you about it when we come back. the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
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gun buyers may have a hard edge reputation but a gun store owner in georgia thinks they have a soft side for something that sparkle. and he is offering an unusual promotion. if you buy 2500 dollar diamond ring you can get a free rifle. the owner says that he came up with the idea after he saw a similar offer in missouri he liked. and the promotion seems to be getting mixed reviews. >> it's a feeling -- appealing to the men. >> it's not a statement event but a fun event. >> you don't like it. >> not at all. >> well the owner says he doesn't think he will run out of diamond but he doesn't expect the offer is going to bray lot of people to -- bring a lot of people to the store. they gave the school permission to spank her children instead of having them suspend. two mothers are so upset this morning. not over the parching --
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spanking but who they say hit their daughters without their knowledge. plus hundreds will lace up running shoes this weekend and head out to bwi. the special event they plan to take part in and how you get involved in this big day.
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you're watching the station that work for you -- works for you. now, good morning maryland.

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